In November 2002, Hanneke Frühauf and Renske Heddema created – DADch – in Amsterdam. The Foundation aims to enhance cultural exchanges between Switzerland and The Netherlands. Through Foundation involvement in the arts and communications in both countries, the initiators see opportunities to create projects which will add value to existing structures. Inspired by the DADA movement and the debates on the fate of the erstwhile DADA house in Zurich, DADch wishes to build on these multidisciplinary roots and investigate parallels and contrasts in all art forms between the two countries. In doing so, DADch intends to stimulate the dialogue between Dutch and Swiss artists and expose both to Swiss and Dutch environments and audiences.

As a former curator of BINZ39, a gallery and artists-studio project in Zurich, curator for the bridgeguard foundation and board member of the international network Res Artists, Frühauf has a vast experience with international artists’ exchanges. As a correspondent for several Dutch media in Switzerland and former executive of the Dutch Arts Council, Heddema builds on a sound base in arts and communication in both countries.