producer and facilitator

The foundation serves as a producer of cultural projects and as a facilitator. Offering a platform for artists, curators, art institutions and their audiences, DADCH will enhance its network function by setting up relevant data bases and by other service functions. As the board is well positioned between the Swiss and Dutch cultural worlds, this intermediate function is already informally in place.

hot spots

Artistic projects are a powerful means of communication, leading to enticing encounters and new insights. DADCH’ interventions are like “hot spots” between Swiss and Dutch. They are meant to function as encounters where artists and citizens meet in the framework of bilateral exchanges or visits. Alternatively, DADCH organizes independent art projects for other artists and cultural institutions to join in to. To this effect, DADCH is laying out a road map, facilitating our Swiss and Dutch cultural partners to connect to our initiatives with their own programs. This road map consists of a thematic program, stretching over several years. (available as of September 2004)


DADCH works in a multidisciplinary and playful way by building tandems; linking artists, ideas and audiences to each other. We commit advisors in both countries who support our projects with their know-how; having comparable positions in their respective fields. We commit artists wishing to work together, or to reflect upon each other’s work.